Exploring the Iconic and Historic Restaurants of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Discover some of the most iconic & historic restaurants in Philadelphia from McGillin's Irish Pub to Dante & Luigi's Italian Restaurant to City Tavern.

Exploring the Iconic and Historic Restaurants of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

McGillin's Irish Pub is said to be the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philadelphia, having opened its doors on narrow Drury Street in 1860. This downtown bar is a popular spot for all kinds of celebrations, with themed drinks, food and decor. Friday Saturday Sunday and Thursday Too opened its doors in 1973 and quickly became a classic that consolidated Philadelphia's first gastronomic renaissance. The new owners, Chad and Hanna Williams, launched a sophisticated beverage program, a raw bar and an imaginative eight-course tasting menu that moved away from the traditional favorites to win over even the most resistant customers.

The restaurant's original staircase has been relocated to the center of the room. City Tavern was something new in the spring of 1774, when Paul Revere arrived in the city and stopped there to inform the citizens of Philadelphia about the closure of Boston Harbor. John Adams visited City Tavern when he arrived in Philadelphia to attend the First Continental Congress. For 130 years, this covered public market beneath a historic train shed has provided shoppers with ingredients, kitchen utensils, gifts and a wide variety of foods.

The University City community, students, travelers, and other Philadelphia residents can find breakfast and lunch dishes such as Pennsylvania Dutch classics, sandwiches and steaks with cheese, Cajun cuisine, Middle Eastern specialties, sushi, Filipino classics, and more at this 8,000-square-foot food hall. Dante and Luigi's opened in 1899 and is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the United States. James Beard Award-winning chef Greg Vernick can make reservations up to four weeks in advance for groups of four or fewer. Ralph's is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the country and is known for its “salsa”.

James Beard Award-nominated chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby created this vegan restaurant that offers an ever-changing menu that draws on seasonal ingredients to create plant-based “medium plates” that can be shared (between tapas and main courses). Italian food is an art in Philadelphia, and the dishes you'll find in this intimate, downtown single-family home are no different. Since 1933, this fourth-generation family restaurant has become famous for its Italian food, its red checkered tablecloths, and its operatic and classically trained waiters, singers. Philadelphia is home to some truly exceptional restaurants that span centuries of history from the Revolutionary era to the Victorian era. Whether you're a tourist or a lifelong Philadelphian, these 12 historic Philadelphia restaurants offer an old school dining experience that you won't soon forget.

This artisanal food hall is located in a century-old building right in the center of historic Old Philadelphia. From McGillin's Irish Pub to Dante & Luigi's Italian Restaurant to Friday Saturday Sunday & Thursday Too to City Tavern to Ralph's Italian Restaurant to Vegan Commissary - there are plenty of iconic eateries throughout Philadelphia that offer a unique dining experience. Each restaurant has its own unique history and atmosphere that will transport you back in time as you enjoy some delicious food.

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