The Best Outdoor Dining Experiences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Discover some of the best outdoor dining experiences in Philadelphia! From Royal Boucherie garden to Beddia Pizzeria to LMNO - there's something for everyone.

The Best Outdoor Dining Experiences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When it comes to outdoor dining experiences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has some of the best in the country. From the exposed brick walls and hanging vegetation of the Royal Boucherie garden to the bright yellow and purple cafeteria-style seating of LMNO, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two or a fun night out with friends, here are some of the top spots to enjoy al fresco dining in Philadelphia.The Royal Boucherie garden is a Parisian-style steakhouse located in Old City. With its exposed brick walls, hanging vegetation, garlands of lights and clandestine atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Enjoy steak tartar, steak with French fries, lobster cocktail and French 52 while soaking up the atmosphere. For a more casual experience, head to Beddia Pizzeria. During the summer months, they open up their backyard filled with long green picnic tables so you can enjoy incredible small plates, pizza and natural wines while you sunbathe. Make a reservation or come by and put your name on the waiting list and watch the people of Fishtown among bites of a cake filled with pepperoni cream, mozzarella, grana padano and vegetables. Mulherin's Sons is one of our favorite restaurants in Fishtown. With hanging lights, tall trees, long picnic tables and some umbrellas for protection from the sun, they have one of the nicest patios in the area.

Enjoy pizza or plates of ricotta cavatelli and lobster gnocchi while soaking up the unique charm of dining inside a 100-year-old whiskey factory. If you're willing to make the trip out to Bala, The Landing Kitchen is worth it. With the Schuylkill River within easy reach, the aesthetics of an old steel mill and garden games like cornhole in the yard, there's nowhere else in Philadelphia like this American restaurant. Enjoy shakshuka, sausage eggs and cheese topped with salsa verde or their famous fried chicken sandwich and smoked salmon toast. For a night out with friends, LMNO is one of the most interesting places to dine in the city. With its bright yellow and purple cafeteria-style seating, bar illuminated with neon lights that extends from inside to outside and pendant lights that will shine over your taco round, it's perfect for a night out without having to pay anything at a club.

Enjoy snapper pork rind with spicy green sauce or one of their delicious cocktails. Finally, Cherry Street Pier is located on the banks of the Delaware River and has a menu of Mexican-inspired food such as birria tacos, chicken tacos a la tinga, nachos and taco salad. Enjoy wine, pork steaks, sandwiches, espressos and craft cocktails in a comfortable outdoor setting.

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