The Best Pizza Places in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - A Guide for Pizza Lovers

Philadelphia is known for its delicious pizza! From classic cheese slices to vegan pies, these are the best pizza places in Philadelphia that will satisfy your cravings.

The Best Pizza Places in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - A Guide for Pizza Lovers

Philadelphia is a city renowned for its delicious pizza. From classic cheese slices to vegan pies, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a late-night snack or a sit-down dinner, these are the best pizza places in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that will satisfy your cravings. Lorenzo and Sons Pizza has been a South Street favorite for more than 45 years.

This pizzeria is well-known for its giant, greasy slices of cheese that are served to crowds leaving nearby bars and music venues late at night. The simple yet satisfying pies are sure to hit the spot. Pizza Brain in Fishtown is the world's first pizza museum, with pizza-related vinyl records and action figures with pizza. With creative names like “Forbes Waggensense” and “Felix Huppert,” brick-oven pies are as unique as your home.

Plus, vegan pizzas are offered by pie and slice. Pizza Shackamaxon is a lively pizzeria that houses the former Pizzeria Beddia space in Fishtown. Visitors can enjoy huge cheese slices, whole pies (which are worth the wait) and tomato pie. It's walk-in only and there is no telephone.

Beddia Pizzeria in Fishtown looks like an old garage from the outside, but inside you'll find an elegant pizzeria that serves crispy thin-crust pies with high ceilings, a smiling cloud lamp hanging over its U-shaped bar, and bright blue stars on all the walls of the dining room. Our favorite cake is the No. It's topped with Calabrian cream, mozzarella, and Old Gold gouda, which creates something that looks like sticky mac and cheese on top of the dough. Pizza Jawn in Manayunk isn't your typical neighborhood slice shop.

Here you can order a round, grandma's, or Detroit-style pizza by ordering online for pickup or delivery. Any way you dress up your cake (they have 38 dressing options), it will be enough to face the heavy traffic of the I-76. Down North Pizza is a casual neighborhood spot in Strawberry Mansion that serves Detroit-style quilted pizza. The dough has a light and pasty touch, but the crispy edges are firm enough to hold the chunks of veal sausage, pepperoni and other ingredients that come with their 12 specialty pizzas. Our favorite is the Flip Side - beef bacon, caramelized pineapples, and jalapeños over a layer of thick melted mozzarella cheese - sweet and spicy! Sally's Pizza in Fitler Square has sourdough dough that's so delicious they could serve it on its own as a free bread basket! Any of their five pizzas on the menu will be enough to put your seatbelt over the box of dough and cheese as if it were the most precious thing in your car.

La Rosa Pizza is a modest neighborhood store deep in South Philadelphia that serves some of the best square, heavy-dough pies in the city. The Philadelphia outpost of this popular pizzeria hands out square and round slices and pies in a retro setting (with an old school Atari). Finally, Pizza Jawn was named the best pizza in Philadelphia by Good Morning America! This popular pizzeria sells various varieties of pies at a physical location in Manayunk. The pies here are cooked in thin-foil pans, and both sliced and whole pies are available.

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